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    I provide psychotherapy for children (starting at age 5), teens, and their families. I use an integrative and tailored therapy approach to meet the unique needs of my young clients and their caregivers. Our work together begins with an intake session. The intake session provides an opportunity for us to talk about your child’s history, life circumstances, talents and areas of concern. Then, we develop a treatment plan that includes the goals for our time together and how we will achieve them. I provide services in person and virtually.

    individual psychotherapy

    I build strong relationships with my young clients to help them feel safe and supported. This relationship is the foundation for helping young clients hone their strengths, develop new skills, and process their experiences.

    family psychotherapy

    I include parents and caregivers every step of the way! This can take the form of individual visits with you during your child’s session, separate visits with me outside of your child’s session time, or sessions together with you, your child, and other family members. I value working closely with you to support your child. You are the expert and your child’s best hope for success!

    therapy approaches

    I am trained in a variety of therapy models including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC), structural-strategic family therapy, Parent Management Training (PMT), and non-directive play therapy.